Alchemy Werks is an independent media company based in Northern CA, specializing in Worldwide Digital, VOD, SVOD, AVOD Cable PPV, and Non-Theatrical distribution.  Our clients include all the major digital video platforms, broadcasters and DVD retailers.

Alchemy Werks is a content powerhouse that feeds the top distribution channels and the key platforms on a monthly basis with the hot trending content that viewers want to watch.

Alchemy’s digital distribution reaches tens of millions of consumers around the world on all major digital video platforms such as Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Vudu. Tubi, Pluto TV and many others and has an extensive sales history with traditional retailers and mass merchants - Walmart, Best Buy, Alliance, Baker & Taylor, Amazon, et al.

After 25 years, Alchemy Werks is extremely well entrenched in all facets of home entertainment - with world renowned brands and its own unique style of film making that has realized tens of millions of views and transactions worldwide.

Film brands include Reality Films, Chemical Burn Entertainment, World Wide Multi Media, Eyes Wide Open Films, Metal Rock Films, Sector 5 Films, One Media Entertainment, and Live Wire (LGBT label).

The Alchemy catalog is evergreen and the company dominates numerous genres of human interest with content that keeps viewers interested and captivated like no other conglomerate. Countless series, channels, DVDs and new technology configurations can be derived from the massive Alchemy catalog to provide a never-ending source of product with no shelf life.

Alchemy maintains multiple production facilities that enable the company to move fast, and to capture current market trends and capitalize on coattail opportunities like no other media conglomerate in its industry. This also allows Alchemy to keep pace with many new releases per month to fulfill demand from its distribution partners.