21st Century Serial Killer



Aaron Schwartz has one big dream…to become famous – REALLY famous so he’s figured out the surefire way to achieve his dream, becoming an infamous serial killer. The one big problem is: he can’t kill a fly. After years of failed attempts, Aaron surrenders into a comfortable marriage and the obligatory doll drum job, steadily losing hope for his lifelong aspiration. But with news of a real serial killer on the loose in his hometown, Aaron sees a unique opportunity and his final chance to make his childhood dream into a reality. Perhaps he can use his obsessive knowledge of serial killers to track down the local murderer and learn from the best. Then again, maybe some dreams just aren’t meant to be achieved.

“You will laugh, cry and question your own existence” – Awesome Mag

Running Time: 75 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Gore, Drama
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-skWQp8Z6M
UPC: 887936367502


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