Alien Artifacts: Pyramids, Monoliths and Marvels



The mystery of the pyramids and other archeological finds and artifacts are more bewildering than ever as technological advancements with lidar, drones, tomography and more are revealing paradigm shattering revelations about highly advanced ancient civilizations on an unprecedented level. Astonishing insights into the mathematics and engineering make the evidence more mindblowing than ever before.  Explore the ancient world and learn of the recent discoveries that are confounding scientists and archeologists alike.

“Fascinating research and insight into the most astounding objects on Earth.” – Philip Gardiner, author of the Serpent Grail

“Finally, the facts coming to light, the Aliens were HERE!” – Paranormal Magazine

“Startling insight into the enigma of our Ancient Future.” – UMN


RYE 1288
Running Time: 80 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Science and Technology
UPC: 760137652793


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