Alien Chronicles: Moon, Mars and Antarctica Anomalies



The Moon, Mars and Antarctica share a staggering secret – they may have been home to long lost and highly advanced ancient civilizations. Artifacts on the surface of these orbital bodies suggest an alien race with unimaginable technology. With astonishing structures and unexplained activity photographed on the surface of the Moon and Mars as well as anomalies deep within the untraversed areas of Antarctica, it’s very likely that beings from other worlds dwelled there in antiquity, and may very well still be there now watching mankind’s every move.

“Most fascinating series on Aliens and UFOs ever.” – Overdrive

“Fascinating yet terrifying, this is information the sheople need to know.” – Awesome Mag

“It’s clear that government and military factions have known about the Alien threat since the early 40s.” – Philip Gardiner, best-selling author

“If you ever doubted the existence of Aliens and UFOs, watch this film.” – UFO Insider

“We have had contact with Alien cultures.” – Astronaut, Dr. Brian O’Leary


RYE 1307
Running Time: 80 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, Aliens and UFOs, History, Science and Technology
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UPC: 760137104186


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