Alien Chronicles: Top UFO Encounters



Aliens and UFOs are more real than ever before. Thousands of sightings by highly credible witnesses worldwide cannot be denied. The big question is not whether the Aliens are here among us, monitoring us, perhaps preparing us for some kind of end game that will change humanity forever, but why is the government and military still denying the fact that we are not alone? While many of the sightings every year are debunked, it’s the ones that defy description, obliterate our notions of psychics and science and exhibit other worldly capabilities beyond our grasp. The mindblowingly bizarre and most mysterious Alien Encounters of all, these are the cases we call Alien Chronicles.

“Fascinating doc on Aliens and UFOs.” – Starburst


RYE 1265
Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, Aliens, UFOs, Science and Technology
UPC: 760137391296


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