Alien Skies: Mass UFO Sightings



In 1561 the skies above Nuremberg, Germany, were lit up by an incredible sight. Thousands of people witnessed what they called a battle in the sky. The scene was so well known it was even painted on the walls of historic buildings. Now, hundreds of years later, similar mass sightings are on the increase. Around the world, and throughout time, thousands of people have witnessed the most extraordinary UFO phenomenon A Harvard Professor stated categorically that what those children saw was real. For decades the governments of the world have attempted to make people feel like fools and to cover-up the truth about the incredible world of the UFO and the Alien presence on Earth. We investigate the mass sightings of UFO craft around the world and throughout time and uncover an unreported sighting by a large group of people on vacation who all saw something amazing. We tell their tale and visit the location. We reveal their captured footage. Prepare to witness the Alien Swarm.

SYE 019
Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: UFO, Alien, Conspiracy
UPC: 812073021116


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