Aliens and UFOs: Dark Secrets of Mars



Recently, video images from landers and orbiters strongly suggest that there are structures on the surface that clearly resemble structures humans have built here on earth. Do we have evidence that Mars was once inhabited in the ancient past? With a stream of new data released from NASA and other agencies showing Mars to have flowing water and living plants on the surface, we have been given even more reason to conclude that advanced civilizations exist (or once existed) on the Moon, Mars and quite possibly on some of the moons of Jupiter and Saturn; and that NASA and the United States government have conspired to keep these facts secret. See the evidence for yourself that Mars might very well have been the home of ancient extraterrestrials.

“The important achievement of Apollo was demonstrating that humanity was not forever chained to this planet – Astronaut Neil Armstrong

“Jason Martell’s research is comprehensive and fascinating” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies

“Definitive proof of extraterrestrial visitation” – Philip Gardiner, International best selling author

WWMM 324
Running Time: 75 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Aliens, UFOs, Conspiracy
Trailer: TBD
UPC: 889290134202


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