Ancient Demon Succubi



An ordinary woman finds herself alone with a strange man in her house. She has no memory of the night before and assumes she had one too many at a party, but something about the man deeply arouses her. She is magnetically drawn to the mysterious stranger while unknowingly an ancient force enters her body and causes her to be overcome with every human emotion as the ancient Demon Succubus takes over her body, her mind and her soul. It needs to learn again: to understand every human sense and emotion. The Demon emerges reclaiming its power of ancient times. Driven to bring revenge upon mankind’s reign, the Demon unleashes its minions torturing man after man beyond all comprehension. Prepare to witness some of the most shocking moments in film history, where sexual depravity knows no bounds as the Succubi tear apart the body and soul of countless men.

“Pushes the Boundaries Big Time” – Deadly Indie Drive In

CBE 154
Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Sexploitation, Horror, Drama
Trailer: TBD
UPC: 887936713200


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