Ancient Mysteries of the Lost World



From the mind boggling pyramids of Egypt to the lost city of Atlantis, planet Earth abounds with Ancient Mysteries of our long forgotten past. Is Atlantis a legend, myth, or a missing piece of human history? For millennia, mankind has grappled with the Atlantis enigma calling it everything from a great sea power in ancient times, to idealistic utopia, to home of the ancient aliens. With startling new evidence regarding the very origins of civilization, we trace mankind’s ancient roots back in time and across the landscape of Egypt and Africa. We find it quite possible that Egyptian civilization emerged from a very different origin than we are led to believe. Did civilization emerge around 10,500 BC in a place we’ve never heard of…decide for yourself. Explore the ancient standing stones in Cornwall, England, known as The Merry Maidens as we reveal that our ancestors were well-aware of these truths all along. OVER THREE HOURS OF THE LATEST ANCIENT MYSTERIES RESEARCH.

Genre: Ancient Mysteries, Forbidden Knowledge, Conspiracy
Running Time: 220 minutes plus Special Features
UPC: 812073021079


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