Boys Behind Bars 2



During a disturbance in the prison, two twin brothers serving a sentence for drug dealing are locked into the shower blocks, only to be confronted by the savage and deranged Darrell (Radford).

After Richard is outed from the closet as gay by Darrell, an eruption boils over causing tensions to turn explosive; this is then made worse by the appearance of the evil Wing Governor Mizz Muncher. A hostage situation ensues with Darrell as the ring leader, aided by his new lover. Sexually charged, viciously violent, and most of all deranged and twisted, Boys Behind Bars 2 is loaded with Special Features.  Starring Wade Radford (Twink, Boys Behind Bars), Honey Bane (Scrubbers, 1 Last Chance at Paradise) and featuring twins Connor and James Paganini.


Includes 30 minute short film Boys on 8 Tape – A VHS style, gay romance story.

Running Time: 76 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Drama, Sexploitation
UPC: 887936648830



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