Carnivolution: Satan’s Playthings



“Carnivolution is the Squidling Brothers Circus Sideshow’s adventures through space, time, and inter-dimensional pockets. Launched into space with a rocket full of trash, Matterz Squidling and Jelly Boy the Clown are beamed aboard the Nipple Ship of the Madoodi Mothers intergalactic variety show. Pursued by villains, Alpha Mouse McDonald and Mr. Commercial, the group crash lands on planet Menstrualia. Found guilty of treason by Queen Menstrualia, the Squidlings and Madoodis are sent on a quest to find the big ass particle smasher and recreate the big bang on a miniature scale. Overwhelmed by their villainous foes, the circus sideshow is sent to another dimension, Zombie Zoo Zay, the place where the fire goes when it becomes extinct. A realm of ass-faced religious fanatics that leads them to hell and back again. All along being used as Satan’s Playthings. Witness the strange powers of sword swallowing, fire arts, the bed of nails, and so much more!

“Ridiculously Entertaining and Fascinating!” – Awesome Mag

“A Real Thrill Ride.” – United Media Network” – United Media Network

“The Last Great Sideshow on Earth – a MUST SEE.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies

90 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Theater and Performance Art, Sideshow, Human Interest
UPC: 889290409874


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