Coven of Evil



A young journalist seeks fame by writing articles on witchcraft. After being invited to a ritual, he discovers that his own desires take on a darker nature as he is magnetically drawn towards Alice, an innocent young girl whose presence in the Coven is somewhat of a mystery. Joe is forbidden from seeing Alice by Zander, the Coven’s psychopathic High Priest. He begins to suspect that she is being held prisoner against her will. As Joe attempts to uncover the truth and rescue Alice, he is drawn into the bizarre and deadly world of modern-day witchcraft.

“Original and inventive, highly entertaining!” – Starburst

“Loved the suspense and original storyline.” – Deadly Indie Drive In

WWMM 410
Running Time: 101 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Drama, Paranormal, Supernatural
UPC: 760137369592

Director: Matthew Lawrence
Cast: John Thacker, Laura Peterson, Samantha Moorhouse
Producer: Warren Croyle


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