Da Vinci’s Darkest Secret


At the end of the Second World War the United States government (under Operation Paperclip) extracted Nazi scientists from Germany. Very quickly top secret scientific testing started to happen all across America. Project MK ULTRA was formed by the CIA. The US government proceeded to drug, rape, torture, and murder innocent citizens on a massive scale that spanned decades. Chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, and DEATH were just a means to their end game. Once discovered by the public the project was supposedly closed down, but not before the CIA destroyed thousands of documents to hide their illegal activity. Ordinary people were experimented on like lab rats by their own government. Assassinations, conspiracies, cover-ups, manipulation of Hollywood, and mind control. This is the story of a very black, covert government project that continues to this day.

SYE 020
Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, New World Order, History
UPC: 812073020973


The Holy Grail is inextricably linked with the mysterious family known to the ruling elite as the Merovingian Dynasty; the strange moniker used in “The Da Vinci Code,” “The Matrix” and others due to the undeniable power it holds. These Merovingian’s are said to be a dynasty of priest-kings, with magical powers – but how do they come upon these powers? Some say they are descendants of God himself via His Son, Jesus, and his wife, Mary Magdalene. Some even go so far as to say that the Merovingian’s were descended from an ultra-ancient race of fallen angels that spawned the globe, taking wisdom and knowledge with them as Atlantis sank. The truth is that the line of Merovech was very special and worshiped the serpent. Their history is one of the most magical, mystical and murderous tales. Prepare to discover the real secret of the Da Vinci Code and the true ruling powers on earth. Prepare to discover Da Vinci’s Darkest Secret. “Mind blowing in its implications on religion.” – Tom Sims, United Media Network. “When you think you know the story, along comes a film like this.” – Awesome Mag.

SYE 021
Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, Holy Grail, History
UPC: 812073021222


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