Dark Forces on Planet Earth



Since time immemorial, there has been a very powerful and sinister force that has been paralyzing the human race. Their means of control surround us in our daily lives.
The agenda is one that thrives on the suffering and slow destruction of all things humanity considers sacred and the number one target for them is the human race.

A World Ruled By Evil
Through clever manipulation, marketing, propaganda and force, a few elite men control our world and our very lives. Welcome to a secret society so powerful and evil they
have secretly ruled for centuries and can be traced throughout history via their own bloodline.

Alien Reptilian Legacy
There has been an underlying darkness controlling humanity since time began due to nefarious shadow beings known as the Reptilians. In this unprecedented expose on
these inter-dimensional beings, hear riveting testimony from alien abductees and experiencers that point to a sinister agenda behind the alien presence on Earth.

“Too many people are having these experiences, there’s something to it.” – Extreme DVD
“The truly frightening side of conspiracy theories.” – United Media Network

“So, you thought you lived in a free country did you? Think again.” – Awesome Mag


SYE 082
Running Time: 147 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, Secret Societies, New World Order
UPC: 812073022960


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