Death Valley Aliens



Paranormal activity abounds in the California and Nevada deserts. Phantom beings and ghosts are reported but there is much more happening in Death Valley and Area 51 than spirit entities. Many have encountered UFOs firsthand and even encountered Alien beings from another world. From Nuclear testing to grisly murders over gold and riches, the darker truth is that Aliens may be inhabiting underground bases and operating portals to other dimensions in the deserts of the US.

“Riveting eyewitness testimony.“ – The UFO Insider

“The shocking truth about the Alien Agenda is something that the people of Earth are not prepared for.“ – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies

RYE 1261
Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, Aliens, UFOs, Unexplained Mysteries
UPC: 760137369493



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