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From the darkest corners of the underground comes a collection of deeply depraved tales that are guaranteed to get you crawling out of your skin. Fearless crazed killers, demonic spirits from hell, deranged perverts and satanic Santa’s are on their own mission to find the ultimate climax to get their kicks. Roll the dice, and hit 21 with this awesome anthology of horror drenched, cult cinema sickness. Watch at your own risk! Not for the Squeamish!

Impotent Killer -Watch as a cheating husband is turned into a crazed killer after having his manhood chopped.

Terrified – A woman is stranded alone in the deep dark woods after her car breaks down leaving her trapped with an unspeakable evil.

Escaped The Bitch- A man is on the run from a zombie outbreak after he escaped his savage wife.

Suicide – A woman heads into the woods to bury her past but ends up confronting it.

Remorse – The last moments of a failed criminal regretting his life choices and justifying why he committed his sins.

Tub Boy – A crazed man gives society commentary as he prepares to end his own life.

Sexual Desires – A film following a troubled woman as she explores her taboo sexual desires.

The Naughty List – A woman gets more than she asked for this Xmas when she finds herself on the naughty list and Santa is paying her a visit to punish her.

Inner Voice – A woman struggles to battle her eating disorder and gives in to her inner demons leading to a horrific conclusion.

Achluophobia – The fear of the dark becomes all too much when the creature of the night reveals himself.

Zombies in the Wood – A deal gone wrong leads to a hitman on the hunt for a convict deep into the woods only to discover a zombie outbreak has erupted in the city.

Return to Sender – A horror Christmas tale in which the ghost of Christmas past pays his murderer a little visit to show her the errors of her ways.

Trapped – A hostage taken by a mysterious man from the woods must use all her strength to flee her kidnapper before it’s too late.

Doug Hanson – Doug Hanson is a super hero on the edge who has to fight the creatures of the underworld to protect the innocent.

Lust – Two friends test their friendship and push it to its limits in this steamy erotically charged horror film.

Revenge of the Dead – A zombie film looking at the virus spreading as a sexually transmitted disease.

Never 3 Alone – Not all is as it seems when 2 guys pick up a mysterious young woman who starts playing a sexual game of cat and mouse.

The Turning – All hell is breaking loose while Dillon & Stacey take refugee in an abandoned shack.

Woman Prisoners Of SS Camp From Hell – A lone solider must make his way through a concentration camp to save two scared Jewish girls, but will the savage Nazi’s get them first?

Suicide Snuff – Two filmmakers go on a quest to retrieve a reported real snuff tape that’s been mysteriously discovered

Naked Nazi – A crazed psycho slut is on the loose killing gimps in all kinds of sexually perverse ways.


“Holy Moley, it’s a Snuff-O-Rama! a must have!” – AWESOME MAG

“I grimaced and looked away a bunch of times, loved it! – Extreme DVD

WWMM 395
Running Time: 120 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Suspense, Psychological Terror
Trailer: None. Multi Feature Set
UPC: 760137234494


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