Future World: City of Mass Destruction



Set in a post-apocalyptic landscape 28 thousand years into the future, “Future World: City of Mass Destruction” is an amazing vision of the last city on earth. After four atomic holocausts and the second Ice Age, only one city remains on our ravaged planet – a city on the edge of insanity, overrun by mutants and madmen, and largely controlled by the tyrannical Devoz Corporation. This dying metropolis is mired in the throes of a power struggle amongst the city’s final three corporate dynasties. The surviving corporation must in the end turn to a tribe of Amazon warrior women it once tried to destroy to save their dying planet. Visionary director Daniel E. Falicki guides you through a world of lesbian warriors, insufferable Grugs, a vicious Spider Queen, and a Blue Genie with loads of “smokable” fun! Are YOU ready to party like it’s the year 30,000? Then take a trip to FUTURE WORLD! A cutting edge rotoscoped feature in the style of Ralph Bakshi’s “Heavy Metal,” “Future World: City of Mass Destruction” is sure to become a cult classic.

CBE 140
Running Time: 120 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Action, Apocalyptic, Suspense
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hi9qPD2vU8Q
UPC: 886470512621


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