Grindhouse Nightmares


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Welcome to the Grindhouse experience like it was meant to be, killer story lines and themes zig zig across the screen in Grind-O-Vision, a nonstop thrill ride of babes, guns, muscle cars, motorcycle shoot outs, rendezvous with the devil and much more. From “Manhunt” to “Stripper with a Shotgun,” Grindhouse Nightmares is cinema exploitation at its best. Featuring Michael Madsen and the Queen of the Scream Queens, Linnea Quigley.

“Delightfully, Gloriously Grindhouse!” – Videscope

“Tarantino Would Be Proud!” – Extreme DVD

“Awesome Action Thrill Ride” – Starburst

OME 025
Running Time: 75 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Action & Adventure, Horror, Crime, Drama, Suspense
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