Hebrews in Ancient America



Since then, he has identified our country’s 6th Century B.C. Hopewell Culture with contemporaneous Hebrews described in the Book of Mormon, showing a Semitic presence in North America, and has released five volumes on the subject in his “This Land” series (Hay River Press, WI).  A sought-after lecturer at alternative science conferences across the United States, May continues to successfully challenge conventional wisdom upholding Christopher Columbus as the lone discoverer of our continent by connecting Book of Mormon revelations with striking parallels in the latest archaeological finds. Personally following-up on the vast evidence he collected, May has participated in and directed a number of paradigm-shattering excavations in Illinois, Missouri and Wisconsin, where he produces “Ancient American” and lives with his wife, Kris, outside the town of Colfax, Wisconsin.

“Fascinating research that clearly reveals a conspiracy to ERASE history in America.” – Best Selling Author, Philip Gardiner.

“Wayne May sets the bar for pre-history America discoveries.” – Film Fanatic

WWMM 318
Running Time: 60 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Ancient Archeology History, Religion, Conspiracy
UPC: 889290070838


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