Hellcats Revenge


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On one turbulent night on the dark side of town, the leader of an all-female motorcycle club called “The Hellcats” is brutally murdered. There is nothing but pure speculation within the biker community as to why, but the Hellcats go full-throttle to find out who murdered their leader to exact street justice. Led by “Kat” (Playboy cover model Lisa Neeld), their new leader, their investigation brings them face-to-face with a criminal biker gang, “The Vipers,” led by Kat’s x-lover “Snake” (Len Kabasinski). All’s fair in love and war when Kat’s gang of Hellcats takes on Snake’s gang of Vipers…as they fight to the death!

“Kick Ass!”- Awesome Mag

“Lisa Neeld Rocks this Biker Gang Flick.” – Deadly Indie Drive In

OME 024
Running Time: 120 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama, Suspense
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hw-dB-kz_Rg&t=4s


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