For the insatiable Horror Freak, there is no other box to behold, not even the dybbuk box has the power of The Horror Box! The handle cranks, the box opens, you hear the shrill cackle of the Horror Box Gremlin unleashing its evil upon the universe, sick sadistic images roll before your eyes, and when your guard is down the Horror Box captures your soul for all eternity.

Can you handle the Horror Box?

Psycho Killers, Knife Wielding Maniacs, Sleaze and Gore!

Blood Tales –
This Blood curdling anthology will have you horrifically riveted on the edge of your seat with terrifying tales straight from hell!

Self Tape –

Horror and real life collide when a suspect production company opens up auditions for a new horror film, who will live?

Terror on Film –
These filmmakers with a passion for HORROR, will stop at nothing to shock and scare you! A behind the blood doc
on the British indie horror film scene!

“Super fun and gory, a great binge watch into the realm of Zany Horror! ” – Scream Queens

“Damned Impressive Triple Feature” – Horror Freaks




CBE 167
Running Time: 270 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Gore, Drama, Suspense
UPC: 760137384199


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