Knievel’s Quest: Bigfoot


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Robbie Knievel is known around the world as a daredevil, but in recent years he has become a Paranormal investigator scouring the globe in pursuit of the greatest mysteries of mankind from Bigfoot to Aliens and UFOs.  Join Kaptain Knievel, James “Bobo” Fay, (star of Finding Bigfoot) and the Bluff Creek Group on their journey into the heart of Bigfoot Mecca – Willow Creek, CA, where in 1967, the most famous Bigfoot film in history was shot. Explore this undeniably awesome Bigfoot habitat, discover recent encounters with the mysterious creature also known as “Sasquatch” and see evidence of its existence.

“Well researched and highly captivating.” – Starburst

“If you ever doubted the existence of Bigfoot, watch this film.” – Todd Standing, director of smash hit doc,”Discovering Bigfoot”

“Remarkable journey into Bigfoot Mecca, a true experience story.” – Awesome Mag

OME 044
Running Time: 90 mins
Primary Genre: Feature Documentary
Secondary Genres: Bigfoot, Paranormal, Supernatural, Science and Technology, Social and Cultural docs


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