Metal Messiah



In a high school where no one ever graduates, a head banging hero will embark on a mission to have the heaviest band on the scene. With the help of his best friend Kurt and two Nigerian thrashers, their loud and brutal band Black Christ is poised to dominate the Portland suburbs and eventually the world. Until a zealous, ultraconservative school counselor persecutes Sage for his violent lyrics and he finds himself mesmerized by a mysterious Christian girl who wants only to save his soul from damnation. Sage must decide how far he is willing to go and what price he is willing to pay to defend his faith in all that is Metal. This is the legend of Sage Negadeth and the band Black Christ, and how they were born, raised, slain and born again! Featuring music by SCORPIONS, DESTRUCTION, PANZERGOD, BLACK KRIST, WITCHES MARK and THE WESTERN VIRUS. “A maniacal metal musical bursting with Satanic Satire and pulse pounding power chords.” – Bob Nalbandian, director of Inside Metal. “Spinal Tap on STEROIDS, this movie rocks and is a nonstop Metal Party! – Extreme DVD. “This is a Metal Movie made by a true believer for true believers.” – The Portland Mercury.

Running Time: 90 min
UPC: 889290234780


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