Monsoon Tide



After a devastating tsunami, Anni returns to India for the first time since her mother’s mysterious suicide. While staying with her estranged stepfather, she uncovers clues as to who her mother was, and discovers the shocking cause of her death. Charles, a surly recluse, is haunted by the events of the past and not willing to discuss them. After snooping around Charles’ house, Anni finds her mom’s diary and takes it to the local Chief of Police, who is convinced Kate did not commit suicide (the official verdict) but was in fact killed by Charles. However he has no proof. As Anni forges a friendship with Simon (Charles’ son from his first marriage) she observes that their relationship is strained. Convinced that Simon is hiding something, she pushes him to the breaking point and he finally reveals an overheard conversation, which would give Charles a compelling motive to kill. Anni has no choice but to confront Charles once and for all, but will he tell her anything and if he does will it be the truth?

“Breathtakingly entertaining.” – United Media Network

“An enchanting film with delightful intrigue.” – Awesome Mag

Catalog# RYE1212
Genre: Drama, Romance, Suspense
2018 / Color / Full Screen / 95 mins plus Special Features


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