Paranormal Planet: Psychics and the Supernatural



This peculiar, and yet fascinating, new phenomenon has been given many names, but among them are Star Children or Indigo Children. Hear from experts about how literally everyone possesses the ability to read minds, to know the future, to see what others cannot and that all these things and more are within every man, woman and child. Want to know if there is more to life? Do we still exist after physical death? Is this a real human source of higher being? Is this our destiny, or is it something we have lost touch with because of the material world and society we have created? Do we still exist after physical death? In this amazing box set you will discover firsthand from best selling authors, and renowned experts around the globe, the truth to psychic abilities and the supernatural.

WWMM 1004
Running Time: 200 minutes
Genre: Paranormal, Demonology, Supernatural
Trailer: None. Multi-DVD Set.
UPC: 885444917981


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