Schlock Lives!



The creator of Troma’s cult film series Grindsploitation, Tony Newton presents this new blood splattered grindhouse documentary looking at modern trash and schlock filmmakers! An in-depth look at the gritty and modern schlock, horror and splatter gore filmmakers who are keeping the flame of the 70’s grindhouse era truly alive! Come on a journey through the smeared bloody lens as we go deep into the cult world of schlock filmmakers.

Including interviews with cult underground filmmakers James Balsamo, David ‘The Rock’ Nelson, Mercedes The Muse, Davide Pesca, Moses and Tony Newton.

“This is truly a great Schlockumentary, it’s to die for!” – Dr. Splatter

“Blood, gore and an insight into Schlock filmmakers, I bloody loved it” – Gore Zombie

“Awesome way to relive the 80’s!” – Starburst


FLA 014
Running Time: 90 mins
Genre: Film and TV Documentaries, Horror Documentaries, Social, Cultural Interest
UPC: 760137652892


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