Secret Societies: Dark Secrets of the Nazis



Did Secret Societies create the first and second world wars? Were clandestine groups behind the rise of the Nazi Party? Scholars still accept that both world wars were part of the grand European power struggle between the old world and the new, between royalty, politicians, communists and capitalists. But researchers now believe WWII was the result of a massive, world-wide conspiracy by an elusive secret society known as the Illuminati. A secret sect so powerful they not only control economics and politics, but may very well be involved in manipulating society itself while controlling staggering knowledge not shared with even the leaders of nations. Explore the influence of organizations cloaked in mystery, which hold power over world events. This is the story of those secret powers and how they have influenced the world we live in today.

“Absolutely Riveting” – Extreme DVD.

“Incredible insight into factors overlooked by history” – Awesome Mag.


SYE 035
Running Time: 65 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, WWII, New World Order
UPC: 812073021277


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