Sherlock Holmes Decoded



Sherlock Holmes has mystified and captivated the world for decades. A creation of the mysterious author and mystic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes is known for a proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that exhibits incredible results when investigating cases for an eclectic clientele including Scotland Yard. Perhaps one of the reasons the character has lived on with such amazing success is that Holmes, Watson and even Moriarty possess complex layers that keep us so interested, coming back time and time again to the world’s greatest detective. This Comprehensive Multi DVD Set includes two extensive biographies on the world of Sherlock Holmes, his enigmatic author and characters that have fascinated the world for decades. BONUS FEATURES include extensively researched biographies and explorations into three more of the world’s greatest visionary authors of our time. The Madness of Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes is the most famous detective in the world, yet beyond all the movies and books, there is a mysterious side to this fictional character that has eluded and fascinated us for decades. Elementary My Dear Watson – We all know Holmes, but there is another amazing character in the stories who is greatly overlooked and misunderstood – Dr. Watson. Is Watson a mirror to elements of Conan Doyle himself? Extraordinary Voyages of Jules Verne – The father of science fiction’s futuristic concepts and legendary heroes, mix with visions of a utopian world and crazed madmen, and yet, this incredible legacy is still misunderstood and misinterpreted. The Initiation of Alice in Wonderland – Lewis Carroll, the enigmatic man who created a magical and surreal reality populated by characters mined from the depths of his imagination. Prepare for a journey through the realm of the looking glass. Diary of a Vampire – There is no greater Vampire story than Dracula. This work investigates Bram Stoker’s life, his friends, his associations and in so doing we find clues to the real truth behind his greatest work, the tale of Dracula.

“A more epic set doesn’t exist, I’ll never look at Sherlock the same way again!”- OH Krill, author or Montauk Babies

“Truly remarkable research, very well done!” – United Media Network

“I really enjoyed reading how Sherlock and Dr. Watson met and how they worked together on their cases.” – AMAZON.COM



SYE 071
Running Time: 300 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Biography, Mystery, Adventure, Science Fiction, Horror
UPC: 812073022557


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