Social Media Apocalypse



Today billions of people walk around like living zombies, glued to their mobile devices. They post pictures of their latest everyday outings or selfies of themselves living some exciting life that is in reality a lie. Social media can inform and enlighten but can also manipulate, control and destroy innocent people. It is changing humanity and is the new master of our daily lives but some are calling it a virtual prison that we willingly engage in while oblivious to the sinister agenda behind the technology. Utilized by corporations and political factions to spy and collect information on our lives in an attempt to sway the public toward an ulterior agenda. Social media is changing the face of the planet, we are becoming slaves to a technology master.

“Orwell’s 1984 was truly the foreteller of the world we live in now.” – United Media Network

“Startling expose, the ramifications for “free will” are staggering.” – Flatlands

RYE 1229
Running Time: 75 mins with Special Features
Genre: Social Documentaries, Human Interest, History
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UPC: 760137214298


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