Squidlings Around The World



Two brothers embark on a journey around the world with the last great carnival show on earth – The Squidling Brothers, an International Circus Sideshow. Featuring a cast of freaks, sword swallowers, pain proof fakirs and fire eaters performing never before seen stunts. A look into the life of the modern traveling sideshow while setting out to share the universal message of excitement and humor that transcends language and social barriers.

This film tells the story of a group of extremely talented and strange performers on the road risking their lives to entertain. This film is seen through the eyes of the performers who live it every day, and is a shining example of life on the road and what it means to be a freak. At times not for the faint of heart or weak of

Shot on location in Germany, The Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia, Austria, India and Japan.

“Ridiculously Entertaining and Fascinating!” – Awesome Mag

“A Real Thrill Ride.” – United Media Network

“The Last Great Sideshow on Earth – a MUST SEE.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies

CBE 164
Running Time: 70 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Theater and Performance Art, Sideshow, Human Interest
UPC: 760137300496
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