The Real Jesus: Legacy of Deception



Billions of people around the globe believe in the man called Jesus Christ. Dogma and doctrine have enveloped the original tales of this enigmatic Son of God. But what has been covered up? What secrets are only now coming to light about the life, work and family of the most famous man ever to have lived? What is the Holy Grail? Is it a Royal and Holy Bloodline descended from Jesus and Mary Magdalene…but that’s just fiction isn’t it? For many people, the tale revolves around a small parish in southern France and the strange world of the priest. What mystery was he hiding? What does it all have to do with Rosslyn Chapel and the Da Vinci Code? In this amazing box set you will discover firsthand from bestselling authors, and renowned experts from around the globe, just what the truth is about the Bloodline of Jesus Christ. Learn about the hidden legacy he left behind. Uncover the secrets to the Holy Grail. See the deception created by those in religious power who tailored the fables to feed their ever-growing wealth. For two thousand years men have fought each other over these stories. It’s time to unravel the truth.

WWMM 1002
Running Time: 200 min
Genre: Religion, Conspiracy, Holy Bloodline, History
Trailer: None. Multi-DVD Set.
UPC: 885444917967


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