Toxic Tutu


Thirty years after the release of THE TOXIC AVENGER, Mark Torgl aka “Melvin the Mop Boy” resurfaces at a horror-fan Cosplay convention to reveal the reason for his prolonged obscurity. But before he can explain, Mark is abducted by masked gunmen. When Mark is abducted, the convention erupts into chaos. Later a rumor that toxic waste found on the set of the original film is believed to be linked to a rash of deaths and Mark’s disappearance. Lloyd Kaufman – mastermind of the original cult-classic goes missing while searching for Mark and a bizarre conspiracy unfolds emanating from a toxic oasis located somewhere in the marshlands of New Jersey.

“Has the genuine charisma to take the original lore of “The Toxic Avenger” a legitimate expansion.” – Micro Cinema Savant

“Really captures the energy and borderline fan insanity of the Mad Monster Convention.”– -Grumesome Mag

“If you love Toxic Avenger you will not be complete without Toxic Tutu. Find out the truth. Watch Toxic Tutu.” – KO 

CBE 161
Genre: Horror and Gore, Genre films, Human interest
Running Time: 83 minutes plus Special Features
UPC: 760137223191


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