USO: Aliens and UFOs in the Abyss



Unidentified Submersible Objects are the new UFO. USOs traverse the skies but also traffic in the ocean’s depths seemingly outside our current understanding of the laws of physics. USOs exhibit no discernible propulsion system, maneuver in and out of water at unfathomable speeds with seemingly no resistance. The phenomenon has captured the attention of the main stream media with the USS Nimitz encounter, but in truth, has been mystifying military factions for decades. Multiple questions arise with these objects. What are they, where do they come from? Who is operating them and can they be captured or destroyed? Are they from another dimension, or a civilization living among us now, hidden from us under the canopy of our own oceans? the only thing we know now is that they are real and they are here.

“Most fascinating series on Aliens and UFOs ever.” – Overdrive

“Fascinating yet terrifying, this is information the sheople need to know.” – Awesome Mag

“If you ever doubted the existence of Aliens and UFOs, watch this film.”  UFO Insider

“We have had contact with Alien cultures.”  Astronaut, Dr. Brian O’Leary


RYE 1302
Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, Aliens and UFOs, History, Science and Technology
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