545 MADD MAXX, 6 speeds, 800 hp, with manual steering and brakes, the MADD MAXX will drive you if you don’t drive it, a speed demon legend of the streets. The sound of the beast can only be compared to that of a dragon, instilling fear and respect in all the small blocks across the land. When the sun falls and the darkness has risen, a demon of God rises from the ashes that can be heard for miles. MADD MAXX eats most comp street rods for breakfast without fuel injection, a blower or a turbo. That’s right, 92 octane straight down the gullet with ports the size of your fist. MADD MAXX reminds us of the time when men were men, and muscle, steel and determination won the west and made the world we live in today, before millennials and worm boys ran amok. DHC (Dark Horse Customs) makes monsters. Cryogenically sealed engine blocks, triple titanium timing chains, Edelbrock port matched Trickflow heads, with a guzzling 1250cfm Edlebrock carb, Comp Cam internals, T56 Magnum 6 speed with a bullet proof scattershield, pushing raw power to a massive custom made Moser rear end. The MADD MAXX is tooled to travel at fast speeds for long distances, imagine a NASCAR, Drag Car and Batmobile from Hell all in one.

See the MADD MAXX in Blood Red Snow and 360 Death Squad starring Kaptain Robbie Knievel.

“Experience the Road with the Power and Fury of Real American Muscle!” – Sinister Builds

“A Wicked Mustang that Cannot Be Denied.” – Mustang Monthly

RYE 0900
Running Time: 65 mins with Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Motorsports, Car Culture, Muscle Cars, Hobbies and Games
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J3C8wdMAwQ
UPC: 760137336693


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