666 – A Demon Within



When their car breaks down on the way to their honeymoon destination, newlyweds Debbie and Tom are taken in by Lincoln, a mysterious stranger with sinister intentions. That evening, Lincoln reveals himself to be a demon and seduces Debbie into brutally murdering her husband. Now she faces a series of carnal and violent challenges in order to join him and become immortal. She must seduce a business man, tempt a young innocent woman at a nightclub and slaughter her way to become one of Satan’s chosen few. Starring Sophie Austin (Hollyoaks) and Mitch Powell (Saint Dracula 3D).

“Riveting, Spooky and SEXY!” – Awesome Mag

“Titillating Horror At Its Best!” – United Media Network

“Steaming Hot and Tantalizingly Twisted” – Scream Queens

SYE 046
Running Time: 93 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Supernatural, Paranormal, Suspense
UPC: 812073021604
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R74L8Cn2D-I


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