Alien Chronicles: Interdimensional UFOs



Throughout the world there are numerous ancient sites that are considered to be Stargates, Portals or Doorways to other realities. Stories of people traveling forward and back in time have often stirred the imagination but could some of these stories be true? The latest discoveries by NASA and independent physicists have revealed that portals do exist along with other realities that we have been unaware of and with the recent fascinating footage caught by military pilots of unknown crafts, some experts theorize that these UFOs are jumping in and out of our reality and are doing so from certain locations on our planet.

“Most fascinating series on Aliens and UFOs ever.” – Overdrive

“Fascinating yet terrifying, this is information the sheople need to know.” – Awesome Mag

“If you ever doubted the existence of Aliens and UFOs, watch this film.” – UFO Insider

“We have had contact with Alien cultures.” – Astronaut, Dr. Brian O’Leary


RYE 1296
Running Time: 75 Mins Plus Special Features
Genre: Conspiracy, Aliens and UFOs, History, Science and Technology
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UPC: 760137812890


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