Alien Contact: The Pascagoula UFO Encounter



Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson were abducted by Aliens in 1973. The incident made headline news around the world yet like many reported UFO encounters skips into the ether and is forgotten over time. This case however, now takes the forefront decades later as new eyewitnesses have emerged to tell the story and confirm the horrifying encounter actually happened on that October night in Pascagoula, Mississippi. Hear the true story from the lone survivor, Calvin Parker, and the shocking details that have never before been exposed until now. This is the Alien abduction case that will change your mind about the Alien presence on Earth.

“Will shatter the abduction doubters with amazing new research.” – Starburst

“Fascinating insight into the enigma of Alien Abduction.” – Awesome Mag

“Well done, highly recommended for anyone interested in the Alien enigma.” – Philip Gardiner, best-selling author

RYE 1250
Running Time: 75 mins
Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, Alien Abduction, Science and Technology
UPC: 760137322894


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