American Illuminati 2


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Most people today have heard of the Illuminati, a dark, evil and sinister group that controls the world. Their influence reaches into governments, religious powers and global business. They are unseen, unheard and yet their intent is clear. To change the world for their own ends. They are manipulating the world through new technologies, by giving us reality TV as well as presidents; bringing down old Empires to make way for a new form of one world rule; breaking up a European Union; fostering terrorism and supplying arms on a massive scale; as well as controlling our news, our food and our beliefs.

From their own Master Egos to their shady dealings with the Nazi party and more, we will see the center of their worldwide syndication. Bildebergers, Trilateral Commission, Jesuits, Knights Templars, Opus Dei, MI6, CIA and more are all implicated in our tale and all are implicit in the grand plan – a plan we will reveal. Never has there been a film of such scope. Once you know these facts, you will never be able to unknow them. Are you truly ready to discover the truth?

“From the moment we are born, to the moment we die, we are the property of an unseen entity.” – OH Krill, author of Montauk Babies

“For those who think they are living in a world of free will, watching this film will rattle you to the core.” – Starburst Mag

“Truth will always be fabricated so that the lies can be hidden within.” – Anthony T. Hicks

RYE 1226
Running Time: 70 mins
Genre: Conspiracy, Illuminati, New World Order, History
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