Another Super Hero Movie



Bruce is an out-of-shape, geeky kind of guy. The story starts off when Bruce accidentally kills his brand new (and only) girlfriend during their first intimate moment by a mysterious gunshot which he can’t figure out. Noticing that his finger is smoking, he puts two and two together and realizes that he can shoot bullets out of his fingers! Even so, Bruce is depressed and decides to take his own life until a wise old mage appears and mentors him and convinces him that this “deformity” is really a gift and that Bruce has a higher calling to protect the world from villainy. Bruce, now known as The Fingerbanger, must go up against his soon to be nemesis, The Golden Fist! Can The Fingerbanger save the world from the evil power of Golden Fist’s fist of gold?

“Bizarre with unrelenting indie grit” – Extreme DVD

“Turns KICK ASS on its head, loved it” – Deadly Indie Drive In

WWMM 378
Running Time: 75 plus minutes
Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
UPC: 191091529942


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