Fast Zombies with Guns



Collateral Damage. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Mobster Kingpin Paul Varlo’s (Charles Ramsey) attempt to kill a potential rat by poisoning his personal water supply leads to something he never saw coming – an outbreak of zombie carnage! To make matters worse, these zombies are different; they’re faster, meaner and they’re armed. With the town being overrun by fast zombies with guns, one resilient band of people are left to attempt an escape to the nearest undead-free zone and survival. Meanwhile, Jake (Tony Swansey) and his girlfriend Laura (Leena Kurishingal) are cruising their way up to this sweet, little Midwestern town. One quick business transaction with the local mob boss, and they can continue on their way to some fun in the sun, as planned. However, what they discover is a deserted town … at first. Will the group survive the terror that has befallen them? Will Jake and Laura get their money?? Will the zombies run out of bullets??? The answers can be found in … Fast Zombies with Guns. Includes Award Winning Horror Short KURIOSITY KILLZ directed by Trey McGriff.

“Like peanut butter and jelly or dead hookers and car trunks, FAST ZOMBIES WITH GUNS is a winning combination” – Aint It Cool News

“This is the kind of cheese you just grill up and chow down on! – Jo Blo Movie Network

“They run FAST and have GUNS! – Dead Thumbs Up! – MAIL ORDER ZOMBIE

CBE 123
Running Time: 90 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Gore, Crime Drama
UPC: 885444989322



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