Nazi Mummy



An earthquake in Germany opened up many secrets of the Third Reich. One of those being a mummy in charge of a V2 rocket base, armed with a deadly zombie virus. Four mercenaries are the only thing that stands between life and the zombie apocalypse.

“Downright Apocalyptic!” – Deadly Indie Drive In

“So Homegrown, It’s Great!” – Extreme DVD

“Weird, Gory Schlock, Super Fun!” – Awesome Mag


WWMM 408
Running Time: 75 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Action, Horror, Gore and more
Trailer – TBD
UPC: 760137344896

Starring Josef Von Schmidt, TJ Mathis, Dr. Xavier Smith,
Bad Bubba Brewer, Scott Bronner, & Mike Duke
Written and Directed by Troy Fritz


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