Zombie Massacre: Army of the Dead



An evil and corrupt U.S. government agency accidentally unleashes a virus on a small town while attempting to perfect a top-secret biological weapon designed to create the perfect army. The experiment goes horrificly wrong, when the advanced biological weapon transforms the residents of a sleepy Maryland town into ravenous flesh-eating Monsters – Zombies so bloodthirsty for human flesh that nothing can stop the carnage. A handful of citizens who have remained uninfected seek sanctuary in a local movie theater, holed up together preparing to make a last stand against the undead. This gore-soaked shocker is not for the squeamish, Zombie Massacre: Army of the Dead will rattle you to your core.

CBE 143
Running Time: 80 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Horror, Gore, Action, Suspense
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD5ubqAQWJg
UPC: 886470685936


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