Challenge of 5 Gauntlets



A desperate family has exhausted all avenue’s to save their gravely ill young child…except one. They seek help in the form of a relic historian/adventurer (Kane) to track down “Buddah’s Tooth”, a relic believed to have supernatural healing powers. However to get to “Buddah’s Tooth”, Kane must not only travel the globe but battle through a gauntlet of warrior gatekeepers who each hold clues to the ancient relic’s location.

“Kick Ass!”– Awesome Mag

“Lisa Neeld Rocks this Kung Fu Flick.” – Deadly Indie Drive In


WWMM 409
Running Time: 85 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Action & Adventure, Crime & Action Thrillers, Martial Arts Movies, Gangster Movies
Trailer –
UPC: 760137355199


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