Yes, They are Controlling our Minds



What was once an Orwellian fable is now our reality. Even though our ancestors were controlled by the ruling elite comprised of royalty and religions, they would not recognize what has become of our world today and amazingly very little has in fact changed. The difference is, we believe we are free, when in truth we are controlled, manipulated and cajoled into action or inaction. We are bled dry of our money, time, lives and even our very souls. Prepare to open your eyes to the world of social media, news sites, marketing and propaganda that makes us live the lives we do. Yes, they ARE controlling our minds.

“Once you see the patterns, the diabolical motives become clearer.” – O.H. Krill, author of Montauk Babies

“Those who know, do not say…those who say do not know.” – Illuminati Insider

“Amazing insight into World Power and the current undertow of the global financial system.” – Awesome Mag

RYE 1258
Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, New World Order, Human Interest
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UPC: 760137355090



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