Earth: Population Overload



The human population is growing at an alarming rate that cannot be sustained by current systems. The world has seen a 200% increase in the population rate from 1950 to the present day, putting humanity on the verge of self destruction for all life on Earth. We are running out of fossil fuels, food supplies, and space while seeking to create more and more power to energize our modern world. We don’t know if we will consume ourselves into mass extinction. We don’t know if the destruction of natural species such as bees will seal our fate. We don’t know if an asteroid will wipe us out, or even how artificial intelligence will impact our future. But one thing is certain we must take action now. The prognosis is bleak unless we find a way to create power and harness alternative energy to keep up with our current unsustainable demand.

“Utterly apocalyptic in its scope, the Earth is in dire straights.” – United Media Network

“Water and Air, the two essential fluids on which all life depends, have become global garbage cans.” – Jacques Cousteau

“Human society sustains itself by transforming nature into garbage.” – Mason Cooley

RYE 1223
Running Time: 70 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Documentary, Conspiracy, Social & Cultural Documentaries, Current Human Interest
UPC – 760137155393


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