Forbidden Knowledge: Lost Secrets of Egypt and the Ancients



Planet Earth is not what we’ve been told throughout the centuries, far from it. From our true origins and evolution, to occult secrets hidden from the masses since time immemorial, the ruling elite have controlled the written accounts of world history from a perspective of knowledge is power, controlling what we learn and perceive as the truth. The time has come to expose the Forbidden Knowledge.

“Fascinating research and evidence of a lost epoch in history.” – Philip Gardiner, Director of Nostradamus 2020

“Highly entertaining and enlightening.” – United Media Network

“Unveils the myths and puts Egypt into perspective for the modern age.” – John Jay Harper, author of Tranceformers, Shamans of the 21st Century


RYE 1298
Running Time: 99 mins plus Special Features
Genre: Feature Documentary, Conspiracy, Unexplained Mysteries, History, Science and Technology
UPC: 760137849193


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