VHS LOVE: Cult Cinema Obsession



True hard-core collectors have no boundaries, they will buy three of everything and must have all the staple items of their fandom on their shelves. Experience the world of VHS obsessed enthusiasts who celebrate their own unique culture and live and breathe all things VHS. The format that never dies is back and here to stay! Celebrate all things cult cinema and delve deep into the minds of avid collectors who will stop at nothing to collect every beloved movie of their youth on VHS!

“This is truly a great Schlockumentary, it’s to die for!” -Dr. Splatter

“VHS may be a dead format but VHS truly lives on in this epic piece of nostalgic history.” – Gore Zombie

“Awesome way to relive the 80’s!” – Starburst


FLA 014
Running Time: 129 mins
Genre: Film and TV Documentaries, Horror Documentaries, Social, Cultural Interest
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Scv0P8mmg1I
UPC: 760137849490


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