Jam Heavy Metal Guitar Volume 3: Secrets of the Metal Masters



Jam Heavy Metal Guitar Volume 3 is your continued FAST TRACK to becoming a metal guitar Master Blazer. No boring, old school lessons here, just the straight to the bone secrets you need to play and sound great. Metal fans are the most dedicated in the world, so if you love metal and want to play badass metal riffs and leads, this comprehensive DVD set will get you on track FAST. We’ve all got our favorite bands, be it Sabbath, Pantera, System of a Down or Slayer, but now it’s time for you to be the heavy metal guitar master of your own destiny. In this series of DVDs, you’ll start with the basics and then progress all the way through to advanced playing – copping Van Halen hammer-ons and Zach Wylde harmonic squeals in no time. Are you ready to shred? Of course you are or you wouldn’t be reading this. In Volume 3 – Secrets of the Metal Master, we unleash the BEAST, showing you advanced exercises, chords with the major scale, playing the minor scale all over the neck and rock techniques including natural and pick harmonics, tapping, and more. You’ll be soloing like a fiend before you know it.  We’ll show you new scales and white hot licks that will get your creative juices flowing and have you creating your own solos in no time. Killer bonus songs written exclusively for this DVD are included with in-depth looks at how to play riffs. These are the essential techniques, scales, and chords the Pros use. Now it’s your turn to rock with the best.

Special Features:
Three killer, exclusive songs for you to jam along with!
Bonus exercises and pick harmonics!
Metal tabs on every exercise!
Music videos with hot metal bands!

RYE 0803
Running Time: 120 min
Genre: Rock, Metal, Instructional
Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T6ToNerw0Ks
UPC: 885444482427


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