Seed of Darkness



A terrifying tale of the life of a single woman, who decides to undergo the “in-vitro fertilization process” in Singapore to have a child of her own. Seven years later, she moves into a new apartment and her child begins to behave oddly, much to the bafflement of the young mother. Her fears begin to mount when she finds her daughter frequently talking to herself in the presence of a shadowy figure, who has been appearing in their new home. When she tries to question her child on her behavior, she is shocked to discover that her daughter has been communicating with the dead.

“Asian Horror at it Creepiest” – Extreme DVD

“Provocative and Bone Chilling….Truly Spooky” – Deadly Indie Drive In

CBE 149
Running Time: 101 minutes plus Special Features
Genre: Paranormal, Horror, Mystery
UPC: 887936823411


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