Sweet Prudence and The Erotic Adventures of Bigfoot



When two beautiful girls working at a remote country resort encounter the mythical giant known as Bigfoot, it sets off a chain of comedic events.
Prudence, a beautiful young woman, her best friend Veruca, and college buddy Mike, set out to take the perfect photo of Bigfoot; one which will
allow Prudence to finally get her degree in Cryptozoology. When Bigfoot makes his presence known, the group is sidetracked by an array of erotic
encounters amidst the beautiful countryside.

“Sexy, Sultry, Down Right Awesome!” – Extreme DVD

“Crypto Chicks Rule” – Rick Wallen, director of critically acclaimed “Beards: The Rise of Facial Hair”

WARNING: Mature Audiences – Contains Nudity and Adult Themed Sexual Situations

WWMM 479
Running Time: 90 mins
Genre: Erotic Feature, Drama, Comedy, Action
Trailer: https://vimeo.com/509245900/c717fec488
UPC: 760137591894


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